Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Pictures from previous tailgates:


Heather said...

Tony. this is fabulous. love the background, only disappointment is lack of photos of heatha d aka myself. We will change that november 6th. Though I do have some good ones from our last 2 'reunions'. Way to be a blogger- your wife must be so proud :)

tailgatewithus said...

Send me any old tailgate pics and I will post them.

Carrie said...

Nice Job Tony, you ole' blogger, you!

I love the pic of the wpb girls. But I must agree with heatha d. the site is missing her fi-ii-ii-ne self.

Hope to make it up for a game! Steven need to experience Tallahassee tailgating!

Go Noles :)

Susanna said...

Finally, an FSU blog that New Yorker's can live vicariously through!

Tony, I hope you do a "tribute to the good old days" post and include the vintage pics when we all were students and starry eyed.

can't wait to follow this.

Ryan said...

I just wanna clarify, Doggie is still starry eyed.